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Hello! Names katie, friends call me kate at least they would if i had any friends. you've found your way to my Disney and other "kids stuff" blog. i say that with quotes because I'm 24 and very proud to say i still love Disney moves and other so called kids movies. It is NOT and i repeat NOT just Disney! it will also have other "children's" Movies, Just to make that clear. Now that the basics are covered enjoy and feel free to message me about anything at all.

If you'd like to join my disney family just check out the page below and message me who you'd like to be that isn't already on the list. :)
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"Frozen is the first disney movie to…"


*coughs* Frozen is the first disney (animated) movie to have a female director *cough* 

*coughs* Elsa is the first disney princess to not have a love interest/have the concept of a love interest drive her story *cough*

Actually Merida was the last one, even if she’s Pixar she’s still considered a Disney Princess.

Why does everyone forget merida? She’s still a disney princess asswagons.